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This is a movement to stop poverty – one person at a time. Most people agree that education is the number one solution to poverty and we have a Ford Foundation Report as proof that it works: “90% of women who get a four-year college degree move permanently off of welfare”. No other poverty program has a 90% success rate  – so we need YOU to help us get this good news out. Share it with your friends!

For now we’ve kept our project small so we can get it up and going without huge sums of money. We’re raising $15,000 to finish this short documentary (15-mins). We have already shot 20+ hours of footage of the stories of our three subjects, now we need to do two more shoots and edit and finish the short documentary. Then we’ll begin The American Dream Tour  – traveling the doc to high schools and community colleges in the greater NY area (that are waiting to show it) to inspire low-income young women (including those on welfare)  to get a college degree.

Traveling with the doc will be a succinct Resource Guide for students that will give them websites, addresses, phone numbers and details of how they can enroll in a 4-year degree program – even if they or their family are on welfare.

One thing we’ve learned so far is that we can’t do this alone – it takes a community — and are asking you to be part of ours. As Hirah says in the preview (on our Home page):  “We want education, and we want it NOW”. Together – WE CAN DO THIS!

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